Trust the Chef

Absolutely when she‘s called Kate Toon and her delectable menu will deliver the Recipe for SEO Success. This is a superbly structured online course to untangle the mysterious business of Search Engine Optimisation.

It is SEO on a plate for discerning and delinquent diners. I am on the delinquent table. My social media presence is underdone. My Google Analytics are still shrink wrapped and my Webmaster tools are unhoned.

Luckily for sorcerer’s apprentices like me there are no scary, snarky celeb chef antics emanating from Kate’s kitchen. It feels like serious fun here and we are about to be served brilliantly fresh ingredients prepared with confidence and panache. While the feast has not formally begun the aperitif was excellent. A series of tasty well supported tasks to prepare us for the main course.

I have been wordsmithing for zonks, so long in fact, that I can recall the startling impact of ink on snowdrops crammed into the ceramic well in my rickety school desk. I’ve loved language ever since I scratched out my first splotchy, illegible sentence in snowdrop staining ink. I still retain my old school attachment to drafting by scrawled left hand and my persnickety obsession with getting the exactly right word in just the right place.

To my untutored old dame’s eye, SEO despite its arcane appearance still pays homage to the ‘right word, right place’ principle. That said I’m really keen to have head chef Kate broaden my definitions and stretch my skills over the next eight weeks.